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Our Website has moved:

Flexible admissions schedule: Currently accepting applications for the school year based on space availability.

Rolling enrollment: Since each student’s curriculum is self-generated, you can enroll throughout the school year. Tuition is prorated for the portion of the school year enrolled.

Tuition: Tuition is offered on a sliding scale. Learn more about our trust-based approach to tuition here.

Enrollment Process:

makerspaceStep 1: Research: Explore the ALC educational model and our comprehensive FAQ page on the ALC Network site. Read about how we apply the ALC Model in our community to get a feel for our school and to find links to articles, websites, videos & books that have inspired us.

Step 2: Attend: Attend an Info Session and/or Open House. Explore dates and RSVP here.

Step 3: Apply: Complete our online application and pay the application fee. We’ll contact you to schedule a tour during the school day to get a feel for the environment and meet students & staff.

Step 4: Visiting Week: If we all want to move forward after the tour, the next step is scheduling a visiting week. This allows the student to experience what it is like to be here and lets us make sure the student is a good fit for the environment. Visiting weeks are $125.

Step 5: Final Enrollment: Within ten days of the visiting week, a prospective family will then meet with a current family for an opportunity to ask questions, develop a greater feel for the community and expand their understandings of the philosophy of the school. After this visit, the prospective family will let the admissions committee know if they would like to pursue enrollment. The admissions committee will make a final determination.

If accepted, you complete your enrollment by paying your deposit and executing the final enrollment documents. If you are requesting tuition assistance, you will first fill out a tuition worksheet that will be reviewed by our finance working group before final acceptance.