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Our First FTL Community Assembly Meeting!

We Did It!

One of the things we missed last semester, was the chance to gather our parent community for an assembly meeting. We were scrambling around so feverishly learning to facilitate our kiddos that we just didn’t pull it together for the parents. So… we are so excited to have had our first one last week!

As everything always is with the Agile tools, it was delightful. It was great for the parents to have the chance to see and use the tools our kids are using. And, great for me as a director, to see that adults are kids too! And the tools and intentional community that is created works with them just as well as it does with the youngers of the world. It was a wonderful experience for me.

I think my favorite part was feeling the closeness with the community after the meeting. Last year, we were able to meet together, but our times were more informational rather than intentionally community building.  Not that we meant for it to be like that, but, it just turned out that way as we did not open up the floor for everyone to be involved.  With the meeting last week, there was a place everyone could plug in, there was a place of ownership.  Just like during our days learning together, each participant had a voice and used it.

Huge success. I loved it. I look forward to many more!